Dear guests of the website of the magazine “FLS. Fundamentals of Life Safety ”!

We invite you to publish free of charge the results of your scientific research, educational and methodological activities and practical experience in our scientific, methodological and informational journal “FLS. Fundamentals of Life Safety “. The journal is indexed in the RSCI. The frequency of the journal is 6 times a year.

Articles are peer reviewed with the involvement of leading experts, based on the results of which a decision is made to publish articles or the need to revise them, taking into account the comments of the reviewers.

The Journal for 25 years is an educational, methodological and informational publication addressed to a wide range of pedagogical workers involved in education and upbringing, healthy lifestyles and career guidance, the formation of a culture of life safety and pre-conscription training, class teachers, primary school teachers and teachers-organizers of the Belarusian Railway, leaders military-patriotic clubs, sections, circles “School of Security”, “Young Rescuer”, “Young Firefighter”, “Yunarmeets” and others. It publishes specialized regulations, pedagogical experience, lesson plans and materials on all types of security, with an overview of practices. This is an important channel of professional communication with the aim of exchanging experience, disseminating information on advanced research and development, and improving the quality of the educational process.

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